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Let me ask you something...

Do you feel exhasted from daily irritations or overwhelmed by traumatic life events?  

Have you read about how 75-90%* of all illness & disease is related to stress?  

Are you worried that you won't be able to find the happiness & health you once had?  

If so, friend, I know EXACTLY how you feel... 

Is the Challenge for Me?
Are you stressed before, during or after work?

Do you constantly complain to your partner or friends about work?

Do you become easily agitated, frustrated or overwhelmed?

Have you recently had low energy, headaches, upset stomach, insomnia or frequent colds?

Is your mind constantly worrying?  Are you forgetful?  Do you struggle to focus?

Is there something that's bothering you that you can't seem to let go of?
Is there a feeling of hopelessness or pain that's stopping you from being truly happy?
Do you feel like your past keeps repeating itself?
Are you holding on to suffering because it feels familiar and safe?

If you've answered YES, to any one of these questions, then this Challenge is for YOU!
From Despair to Delight
Hey, I’m Blair O’Hara…

Let me tell you a quick story…

The year… 2015.

I had been working in the highly desirable Australian sports industry for many years in a commercial role.
For the most part, I enjoyed my work and got great results. I was well paid. I mixed with famous sports stars. I had a spectacular view out of my office window. I attended so many 5-star corporate events that I lost count. On the outside looking in, things were pretty sweet.

However, beneath the surface things weren’t so rosy.

I was extremely stressed. My boss was a jealous person and resented my success. He made life difficult whenever he could. I had grown my division by over 170% but was left to manage everything without support.

The stress from work began to filter through on the home front. I would often need to sleep for big chunks of the weekend because I was physically and emotionally drained. I was constantly complaining about work.

The stress started to impact the marriage to the love of my life and our two children. So much so, that it completely broke apart. This devastated me.

At the end of 2015… I was a spent force on all fronts.

For several months, I operated in a completely lost and confused state. I had severe brain fog and there was a painful ache in my stomach, like a twisted knot, that I could not move (for over 2 years).

Yep, it has awful…

However, I am not the type of person that runs away from a challenge. I simply could not let this epic stress and emotional pain defeat me.

I began looking for answers to all my problems. Mostly, I was trying to work out how to get rid of that painful knot in my stomach.

Two and a half years later, I was in Thailand on a yoga retreat. My body felt light and energized. The brain fog was long gone and the pain in my stomach had finally left.

On this trip, I was exploring the ancient city of Chiang Mai and I came upon a garden, besides a large temple. I was in a happy place but for some reason I was filled with emotion and struck by an epiphany.

I had overcome one of life’s great challenges and accumulated a huge amount of knowledge in the process.
I realised it would be terribly selfish to keep it to myself and I felt a tremendous urge to share this process of transformation with others!

No matter what your struggles are, the effort to remove stress and emotional pain is much the same… and it’s far quicker & simpler to make a breakthrough than most people think!
Helping People Like You
Since Thailand, I have actively been helping hundreds of people with stress and related symptoms, both online and in my local community.

I began to notice one common theme among all of the various challenges people are facing…

Here’s what I discovered… Most people are trying to think and logic their way out of their emotional problems.

And is it working??? NO!

It’s kinda like trying to repair a flat tyre just by thinking about it! It’s not going to happen!

But you may be wondering…   “What do I do then? What kind of help do I need?” 

If you were anything like me, you’ve been living life on autopilot. Not by choice. You’ve just done what you’ve been told will make you happy and successful. In a perfect world, things will work out exactly like that but I don’t know about you... that ‘perfect’ world isn’t all that perfect for long!

I should know. When my world fell apart due to stress, my life was thrown into chaos and it was a mess! I, too, tried to think my way through it, but the pain didn’t go, even when I thought I had ‘let go’.

When I discovered that if you really want to feel better, and you really want to get that pain away for good, you’re going to need to work on the mind AND body simultaneously. So that’s exactly what I did… I started to make change happen for real. 

And guess what? It worked! And it worked in a short space of time! Within 3 weeks, I’d gone from same old, same old to feeling like I was living in a new body and my mind was clear. 

Now I know what worked for me and works for others, I am on a MISSION to help others just like YOU get the stress markers and emotional pain-points out of your mind and body so you can begin to live in health & happiness. Best of all… I’m confident that I can help massively kick-start the process over the next 21 days! 

Sound good? 

"Let it Go" 21 Day Challenge
JUST $97
Here's What We'll Cover
In Week 1, here’s what you’ll be doing…
   Complete a specific list of tasks that are very easy to do. 

   Spend 5-10 minutes each day to complete all tasks. 

   Remove one thing from your daily routine that is causing stress.   

   Add one thing to your daily routine that will reduce stress. 

   Become more aware of your feelings, both good and bad.   

   Realise change for the good is possible... it's happening!   

In Week 2, you will CREATE your vision for something better, as you…
   Understand how being in the 'present moment' creates so much benefit. 

   Dismiss urges to return to old habits as those unhelpful patterns try to stick around.  

   Realise how easy it is to fit daily tasks into your typical routine.   

   Notice the differences from where you started to where you are going.    

   Evaluate the environment around you - what's changed or changing?      

   Realise why daily practices are so important.       

In Week 3, you'll BUILD on the work you've done without feeling like it's any extra effort. This week you'll...
   Notice how the very easy tasks in Week 1 have started creating their own momentum.         

   Build confidence now that your efforts are creating obvious benefits.         

   Know that the old 'stressed out' you is being replaced by the new 'empowered' you. 

   Perceive your body to feel healthier, lighter and with less aches and pains.   

   Incidents that used to trigger you will seem like a minor irriration, if anything.  

Here's What You'll Get When You Join...
21-Days of Virtual Coaching with Blair 
($2,100 Value)
This challenge is all about helping you unwind stress in your mind and body and allow for your natural energy and vitality to shine through.

Nothing motivates me more than helping people like you get the results you want in life by removing stress. Here’s the thing though… to get results you need to take ACTION. That’s why this isn’t just an online course, it’s a CHALLENGE, and I’ll be challenging you every single day, but starting off with tasks everybody can do.

I’ll challenge you to find a way through the stressful feelings. I’ll challenge you to pay attention to what is going on for you, and those around you. Basically, I’m going to challenge you to find the best version of you, so you can get the most out of life.

Every day you will have simple tasks to complete. They are designed to help you peel away the layers of stress and return you to your best.

You’ve got ONE life to live, and it’s about time your hard work paid off in the RIGHT ways, so you can make the most of it, yes??

The thing is, you can’t start off doing this work on your own. Stuff will come up and you’ll need someone to steer you in the direction you want to go.

It takes someone ELSE who has made it through, to light the way for you, and that someone, friend, is ME.
"Let it Go" Challenge Companion Workbook 
($37 Value)
In the “Let it Go” 21 day challenge, I’ll teach you how to remove stress from your body, so it can heal and return itself to balance, and return YOU to health and happiness.

The “Companion Workbook” will be revealed to you, bit by bit, each day, over the course of the challenge (along with the 21 days of Virtual Coaching with me).  

It is delivered daily, so you don’t skip ahead or get overwhelmed with more than what you need each day. The method is the way!   

If you’re ready to clear out those layers of stress, self-sabotaging thoughts, and uncover what is waiting for you, you will love this digital workbook. 

With easy to follow check lists, thought-provoking writing prompts, and ample journal pages, the “Companion Workbook” will become your record of your personal transformation! 
Access to Our Private Challenge Facebook Group
($200 Value)
This is one of my FAVORITE parts of the challenge. This group will become like your team of trusted advisors!
Like you, these individuals are on the journey to Let it Go! 
In the group, you’ll be sharing your victories, trading notes, getting inspired and making friends from across the world! 
Access to All Recordings
($97 Value)
Despite the best of intentions, sometimes you may miss a coaching session…but I’ve got you covered, friend!  

You will have access to all of recordings!

What You're Gonna Get...
  • 21-Day Virtual Coaching with Blair O'Hara to educate and guide you  ($2,100 Value)
  • Exclusive 'Let it Go' Challenge Companion Workbook ($37 Value)
  • Access to our Private 'Let it Go' Challenge Facebook Group ($200 Value)
  • Access to ALL recordings FOREVER ($97 Value)
Total Value: $2,434
"Let it Go" 21 Day Challenge
JUST $97
When you complete the challenge, you will...
  • Have LESS stress than when you started and given your body a long overdue chance to heal. 
  • Know SIMPLE exercises you can use at any time to offset what the world throws at you.
  • Feel CALM in your mind and know how to return to the present moment.
  •  Begin to SHAPE your environment from the positive energy you generate from within.
  •  Be CONNECTED to many like-minded people that have the same life goals and desire for more!
PLUS you’ll have access to your workbook and all recordings to return to if you need.
Meet Your Coach
Blair O’Hara is an accredited meditation teacher and youth mentor. He is well known as a wise and calming influence to all those around him. 

Blair also has qualifications in coaching, genetics, epigenetics, nutrition and energy healing reiki.  

In addition to being a teacher and mentor, Blair is an avid yogi, exercise & nutrition biohacker, and dedicated book worm. Most importantly, Blair is a single Father to two amazing children, a pigeon pair! 

Here are some other not-so-relevant but fun facts about Blair…

Favourite Hobbies: Jiu-jitsu (will get to a blue belt one day), Kundalini yoga, audiobooks, nature walks & camping, eating healthy, keeping up with my kids!

Community: For over two years I collected food for homeless at a local market & lately I have mentored a 17 year old autistic boy into a confident young man with ambitions.

Favourite Movies: Comedy - Dumb & Dumber, Action - Braveheart, Drama - Fargo, Foreign - Le Samourai

Biggest Source of Inspiration: Observing nature (my children included!)

Best Advice: “Accept an (unwanted) outcome as if you’d had chosen it yourself” - Eckhart Tolle

Biggest Surprise: Finding out my first child had red hair (strawberry-blonde now!)  

Nicknames: Blazza, Blairy, Blairos

Biggest Weakness: Ice-Cream (yep, even in the middle of winter!)

15 Seconds of Fame: Was an extra on the Russell Crowe film ‘Master & Commander”. I think you can make out my silhouette in one of the scenes!

"Let it Go" 21 Day Challenge
JUST $97
What Others Are Saying...
"Blair is well-equipped to assist people towards a full life of purpose and joy. I would recommend working with Blair if you find yourself struggling after a crisis."
President, Meditation Australia
Founder, The Fifth Direction
"Blair is an amazing teacher, he cares deeply about healing and personal growth and it shows with the knowledge he delivers. Through his own journey of profound healing, he's able to offer advice that's simple yet effective. His kindness, compassion and care for those around him make him a gift to this World."
Founder, Today I Loved
"Blair is an important ‘go to’ mentor providing men with support and counsel in stressful times.  The guidance and support Blair offers generously is centred on his own experiences coping with separation, grief and rebuilding a life with spiritualism at its core.
Managing Director, WE-Buchan (PR)

"Blair really helped me turn my life around for the better! I went through a really tough time of stress during my marriage separation. Blair’s program taught me techniques to cope and provided support and counselling throughout this difficult time. Thank you Blair, your sincerity will always be remembered. "

Nurse & Mother of Two

"Blair is a man who has experienced the pain of personal upheaval and in the process of transforming his own life has developed a powerful message to help others who are ready to experience a life of purpose."

Coach, Speaker, Man of Purpose

"Let it Go" 21 Day Challenge
JUST $97
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